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The Chicka Dixon Institute for Social Change

The Chicka Dixon Institute for Social Change (CDISC) was set up to Empower Educate and encourage Leadership for Youth and their families.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are only 2.5% of the Australian population yet Aboriginal people are 40% (and sometimes up to 80% in the top end) of the population incarcerated within the prison system.

Aboriginal people are struggling with the effects of Intergenerational Trauma which manifest through General and Mental Health problems and also through addictions such as Drug and Alcohol, gambling and violence.

The (CDISC) are passionate about creating Culturally appropriate programs which address the issues facing Aboriginal and TSI people today.

The (CDISC) Vision is to offer grants for Aboriginal and TSI people to become more knowledgeable by learning skills to enable them to move forward so that they can become financially and economically empowered.