The Fox

is coming...

The Fox Documentary (Promo)

A determined woman’s journey to have her father’s legacy brought to life through theatre, a book and the documentary.

The Teaser gives just a taste of some of the elements of the story and how it will be presented in the performance, The Fox and the Freedom Fighters(Working Title) and the production of a documentary.

The play will be a personal insight into the man and what made him, as well as acknowledging his political legacy to the Aboriginal struggle. Because he was an advocate for his people he wasn’t always around during my childhood, so we are on a journey of discovery of his life and work. The storytellers are myself and my daughter who are researching, developing and will be presenting the play.

The teaser is a montage of elements we recorded and used in our Showing following the two Residencies – the initial research and development stages of the theatre project – at IndigeSpace at Carriageworks in June and December, 2012 and 2013.

Because we envisage our play will be a multi-media–multi-disciplinary production we have shown Nadeena and myself talking through ideas and then performing scenes based on our personal experiences and memories.

The teaser features original music and songs by Chicka’s grand daughter, Nadeena Dixon and great grandson, Marley Grovenor. It includes ABC footage recorded of Chicka Dixon following their China delegation in 1972, footage from the 1972 documentary ‘Ningla A’Na – Hungry for Our Land’ which we are permitted to use free of copyright fees. The stunning photographs are from Chicka’s personal collection spanning 60 years.