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Marley Dixon

Marley Dixon is an interdisciplinary working across Musical Theatre, installation performance, sound and music production and Indigenous political history.

The Eldest Great-Grandson of Indigenous Political Activist Dr Charles Chicka Dixon, he is engaged with exploring the medium of Hip-Hop as a lyrical and musical expression of Social and political movement’s in world history with particular focus on Indigenous Australian Hip-Hop as a powerful communicator of Indigenous History.

He has presented performance and collaborative works at ‘Gathering Ground’- Blockside Story, ‘Yabun’ Arts and Cultural Festival Sydney, Performance Space Indiglab Residency ‘The Fox and The Freedom Fighters’ and ‘The Posts in the Paddock’ Performance Space Indigenous Music Production for Theatre Mentoring Program in Collaboration with Mooglin Indigenous Theatre Company Sydney, Emerging Musician /Producer Participant ‘Young Black and Deadly’ ­ Indigenous Youth Music and Performing Arts Program (Koori Radio ­Sydney).

An Indigenous Youth Music Production Facilitator for ‘On Track ‘ Redfern Youth Music Project 2009, he performed a solo Hip­Hop musical piece for Richard Branson Ceo of Virgin.

Marley has grown up surrounded by the duality of Indigenous politics and Hip­Hop and has received both informal and formal mentoring in Music and Production skills by Indigenous Hip-Hop Practitioners including Munnki Mark (South West Syndicate), Joel Wenitong (The Last Kinection), Wire MC Indigenous Hip-Hop Producer/Activist/Spoken Word Artist (Cuzco).

Marley would like to utilize his mentorship to further develop his skills in Hip-Hop Production and its relationship to social and political landscapes, in developing Musical Theatre works utilising the musical language genre of Hip-Hop to engage audiences through small performances of his works.

To be developed with the assistance of his mentor, he intends to study Indigenous Hip-Hop through conversation, exploration and collaboration with established Indigenous Hip-Hop Artists to further his skills towards creating Indigenous Hip-Hop Musical works for Theatre Performance.

Marley has a strong connection to Community Music Arts and Culture and continues to play an active role in Indigenous Youth Community Music Leadership. He is a current recipient of the Oxfam Indigenous Youth Leadership Program 2013­2014 for his work in supporting Indigenous Youth through Music.